28.12.2021 BitBox 3.4.4 rev 1

BitBox 3.4.4 rev 1


New modules available for testing:

Ford Bosch ME(G)9 Petrol CAN /TEST/

  • FID 327: Ford Bosch ME9.0 MPC561 + Ext.Flash. All types of blocks known to us – reading / virtual reading (on some types of ECU) / writing and correction of the COP
  • FID 331: Ford Bosch ME9.8 MPC562 + Ext.Flash – Read/Write/Checksum correction. Requires a J2534 adapter that supports FEPS control
  • FID 326: Ford Bosch MEG9.8.1 MPC563 + Ext.Flash – Read/Write/Checksum Correction. Requires a J2534 adapter that supports FEPS control

Jaguar/Land Rover Bosch MED17 Petrol CAN:

  • FID 328: JLR Bosch MED17.0 TC1767 – Read/Write/Checksum Correction
  • FID 329: JLR Bosch MED17.8.31 TC1797 – Read/Write/Checksum Correction
  • FID 332: JLR Bosch MED17.9.7 TC1767 – Read/Write/Checksum Correction

New families:

  • FID 333: Ford Bosch ME17.0.3 added to Ford Bosch MED(G)17 Petrol CAN module – Read/Write/Checksum correction
  • FID 330: Ford Continental eSys CBP-A2 MPC5554 added to Ford Continental Petrol CAN module – Read/Write/Correct COP

Fixes and improvements:

  • GM ACDelco E38/E67 redesigned for improved stability
  • China Bosch ME7.8.8 – added support for some types of ECU
  • Test support for AURIX TC399 has been added to the Bosch MG1/MD1 Bench module. Reading, writing (after checking the files by the support service).
  • Fix for Toyota TCM virtual reader on some ECU types
  • Forced Auto Power Management for Continental GPEC2/GPEC3/GPEC4 BSL families
  • Minor interface changes

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