CAN-AM / BRP Added to Maicson Tuning Dealer Tool

Another major improvement from the ECU Tuning is the throttle response.

Naturally, the stock throttle response is laggy and slow  which can create frustration as there is a delay in the power delivery when mashing the throttle.

The ECU flash combats this issue completely by boosting the signal to the throttle pedal and allows the throttle body to open much faster and delivers power much sooner compared to the factory.

BRP Ecu Tuning by OBD & Bench Flash
Alongside these fantastic performance and efficiency improvements, the ECU Tuning also increases the RPM limiter to 8,800 versus 8,300 RPMs from the factory.

This improvement will give owners a little more headroom in the power band and stretch the legs of your Rotax 900cc turbocharged engine. The speed limiter has also been removed!

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