Launch Control + Pop Bang File for CAR

Launch Control + Pop Bang File for CAR


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Launch Control + Pop Bang file for CAR

Launch Control

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still.

Too much power and the vehicle will wheel spin, too little and the engine will bog down.

Our launch control remap option limits the low speed rpm, thus limiting the power to the wheels

once the vehicle begins to increase in speed and traction has been established full power is activated.

Currently our launch control remap is limited to only a few models. Cars equipped with a DSG gearbox will require a DSG Remap in order to activate launch control.


Pops & Bangs (Crackle Map / Over-Run Map)

This feature can be programmed into the ECU on some petrol vehicles which results in a pop and bang or crackle noise coming from the exhaust system during engine deceleration.

Many manufacturers already implement such a feature from factory on some performance models. The feature offers no performance advantages but does offer a sportier feel and noise.

Normally during engine deceleration the injectors are switched off to prevent fuel from entering the combustion chamber.

When applying a pop and bang patch to an ECU we request the injectors to stay open for a short period of time after the throttle plate has closed.

The spark timing maps are then adjusted so that the fuel is ignited substantially after TDC (Top Dead Centre).

This results in fuel igniting during the exhaust stroke and creating small explosions within the exhaust system.

These small explosions are what create the popping and banging noise and in some cases small flames can be seen exiting from the rear silencers.

Warning: This feature should only be implemented onto vehicles which have an uprated exhaust system with decat or metallic structured sports cat.

Available for Petrol and Diesel Engines

VAG  / BMW / Mercedes / Opel / Fiat / Ford

Please contact us for further information.


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