LINK G4X & G4+ Ecu Tuning Programming

LINK G4X & G4+ Ecu Tuning Programming




Link’s latest platform, G4X, is headlined by a faster microprocessor, high speed communications chip and 512 Megabytes of data logging across the entire product range.

This range includes the AtomX, MonsoonX, StormX, XtremeX and FuryX WireIn ECUs, plus the entire PlugInX category. Link’s PlugIn ECUs remain unique in that they are a true “Plug n Play” solution, using the car’s factory (OEM) wiring loom. No messy adapter harnesses required.

There are some performance improvements seen in G4X that Link is Xtremely proud of (pun intended).

Well, we guess you are to find out exactly what these changes are!

Compared to G4+ ECUs, ALL G4X ECUs feature:

  • A faster Micro controller – meaning your engine will run smoother, accelerate faster and act more responsively
  • An upgraded Communications Chip –  sees download speeds 16 x faster than G4+
  • 512 Megabytes of data logging – this is over 100x the size of prior Link ECUs**
  • A new version of PC Link tuning software – which is easier to use and modify tunes with


Some additional upgrades, of particular interest to Engine Tuners include:

Enhanced Inputs and Outputs

Expanded frequency range of inputs and outs is larger, meaning they can pick up more information and are more responsive to inputs. The maximum digital input frequency is now in excess of 10kHz.

Math Functions

G4X uses Maths Blocks that can create simple algebraic formulas as opposed to using a set table. This will allow the tuner to write their own scripts using simple algebra. 

Fuel Table upgrades

Smoother fueling now occurs due to the fuel tables now using single precision floating point format. 

Control Loops are more precise

Anything with control loops (i.e. E-throttle, closed loop boost control, idle speed control and VVT) are now more precise.

Other updated features within G4X include:

  • Asynchronous injection
  • Dual Wideband Closed Loop Lambda available in auto mode
  • Individual cylinder ignition trim for distributed modes
  • Standard fuel and ignition cuts work for rotary motors
  • Faster E-Throttle control
  • More responsive inputs (map, TPS etc)
  • Faster VVT cam control
  • Rotary switch inputs
  • Log marker Direct Injection switch
  • Auxiliaries (including injection and ignition) can output a wider range of frequencies
  • Any auxilary port can now be used for VVT control
  • All Digital Inputs can be frequency inputs
  • Automatic VVT angle detection
  • VVT now features cold temperature compensation
  • Starter control has more features like a speed and clutch lockout
  • Idle speed features are interconnected between the different types of actuator. Plus, there are more trims available including a GP trim
  • Boost control now has a general purpose table, as well as the usual tables
  • Improved traction control

+ many more features


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