BitSoftware BitBox – USB Dongle Slave Dealer kit

BitSoftware BitBox – USB Dongle Slave Dealer kit


Security dongle – this device that connects through USB port and makes the identification of the user and activated licenses. It is a necessary part of our software and buying once and for all/any software module.

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BitBox – is an emerging software package that allows identification, reading and writing internal flash memory of control units for various purposes.

Software working with ECU via the CAN or K-line data interfaces, using any J2534 Pass-thru adapter or via Ethernet.

BitEdit is a modern software for editing automotive ECU calibrations.

The package consists of a protection USB dongle and software with a set of plug-ins software modules.

The existing modular system allows to get an access to needed software functions without excessive cost.

The program has a client-server architecture  and needs to be connected to the Internet. Activation of additional modules is also possible in automatic mode via Internet.

This Software need to work with a Hardware Tool

Attention! Modules cannot be deactivated remotely. Please be ready to send the dongle back in case of wrong purchase. 

Please contact us for Protocol information Supported ECU’s



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