PCMFLASH Plugin Module 41 – 44 SCANIA S6 S7 S8

PCMFLASH Plugin Module 41 – 44 SCANIA S6 S7 S8


OBD Tuning Tool Software Scania S6 S7 and S8 by OBD




Scania EMS S6

Scania EMS S6 250Kbps (MPC555)
Scania EMS S6 500Kbps (MPC555)
Reading, writing, checksum correction.

Scania EMS S7/S8

Working with EMS S7 units installed in Scania trucks. Supports read, write, “full”, the replacement software, verification and correction of the COP, the work as a direct connection to the unit (on the “desktop”), and through the coordinator (on the “table” and in the car through the OBD connector).

Scania EMS S7 250Kbps (MPC563)
Reading, writing, checksum correction. 

Scania EMS S8 250Kbps (MPC5566)
Scania EMS S8 500Kbps (MPC5566)
Writing, checksum correction. 

Comes with SM2 – Pro Tool Hardware

SCANIA Mudule Package:

1x USB SCANIA Module 41 + 44

1x SM2 Pro Tool Hardware

1x USB Cable

1x OBD Cable

1x  Case


NOTE : This Plugin Module works with the SM2 Pro Tool  , or Mongoos OBD Hardware


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