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How do i get my Tuning Ecu File?
You will receive your Tuning Ecu File in your Email. Make sure you use the right Email if you Order. or check your ACCOUNT > DOWNLOADS
How long will it take until I receive the Tuning Ecu File?
when you have placed the order, it takes a maximum of 45min. Can be a little longer if we are busy.
How do i order a Tuning Ecu File?
1. Go to webshop>>Tuning Ecu Files
2. Select your Tuning Ecu File you need.
3. Upload your Original Ecu File.
4. Fill in your details and pay at the checkout.
I have not yet received a file after 45min
1. login and check your accound in downloads.
2. Have you not received an email or no download? please contact us. we will send the file immediately
Which software files can I upload?
You can upload as: Bin, MPC, FLS ,Taxtric file, Ktag, Transdata, CMD,Katana flash, Magic pro


What type of Chiptuning i need for my vehicle?
Please contact us if you don’t know what type of Tuning you need.
we are happy to support you!
Maximum KM for Chiptuning?
Depends, we maintain a margin of 280,000 km for non turbo engines. 280,000 km for Turbo Petrol. 300,000km for Turbo diesel engines. “these are estimates”
Do i have to change fuel type after Chiptuning?
Some types of Vehicles need to change fuel type to a higher OCT after Chiptuning.
example: VW Golf 7 GTI stock 95OCT / after Chiptuning 98OCT or higher.
Note: we will certainly give advice if necessary
My vehicle is not listed?
No worries, contact us and we will give you all the data you need or are looking for
Chiptuning Guarantee / Warranty
Choose your guarantee that suits you here : will be updated soon!!!


What type of Tuning Tool i need for my Bussines?
we have the best tools for your company and / or work. feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.
How do i buy a new protocol for my Tuning Tool?
Contact us by email and send us all the details of your tuning tool including codes and numbers. We will arrange the update for you ASAP.
Are the Tuning Tools Real or Imitation?
Maicson Ecu Tuning sells high quality Tuning tools from the makers Alientech and Dimsport and Tactrix
What is SLAVE & MASTER ?
1. A SLAVE unit is a tool that works always with a MASTER unit. If you have a SLAVE unit you cannot open the file or modify the file because it’s locked. Only the Master unit user can modify the file and send it back to you so you can program the file.
2. A MASTER unit is a Tool with a open file, NOT LOCKED. you can modify your ecu file your self or send it to a Tuner to modify.
What tool is better, SLAVE or MASTER?
Both tools are the same, except that the SLAVE has a locked file and the MASTER is an open file. both tools support the same vehicles


ECO Tuning for all vehicles?
Yes! we offer Eco Tuning for all vehicles that have an ECU (electronic control unit) such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, boats, ATV
what does eco tuning actually do?
the Eco Tuning ECU Software ensures a much better and correct combustion. the engine is tuned so that not a drop of fuel is lost but gives a better performance.
Do I have to change something if I want to use Eco Tuning?
NO!! you don’t have to do anything about your vehicle. It is purely a Software that is reprogrammed into the vehicle’s memory
The difference between Eco Tuning & Chiptuning?
the 2 differences are Chiptuning is purely to achieve more engine power and pulling power. Eco Tuning will also give you a little more engine power and traction, but not like the Chiptuning, Eco actually says it all Ecomic Tuning fuel saving.
Is it really true that i can save up to 20% fuel?
Yes, it is really true that you can achieve fuel savings of up to 20%
Cars up to 10/11% Trucks, Boats and Buses can exceed the maximum 20%

Shipping from or to Maicson Ecu Tuning

Shipping to Maicson Ecu Tuning

How do i send my ECU to Maicson Ecu Tuning?
After the order you will receive all the information you need to send your ECU to us.
How long will it take until I receive my ECU back?
Depends on which transport company you used. As soon as we receive the ECU, you will receive a confirmation. Usually the ECU will be shipped the same day or the next WORKING DAY by 1 of our carriers incl track & Trace
How do I pack my ECU for shipment?
Make sure the ECU is protected against throwing, bumping and / or dropping. Also make sure to include a copy of the order or invoice.
Duane costs, import duties
Maicson Ecu Tuning pays up to a maximum of € 30 to Duane and / or import costs. everything above the amount of € 30 falls under your own costs. we will keep you informed about this

Shipping to Costumer worldwide

What are the shipping times from Maicson Ecu Tuning?
Maicson Ecu Tuning ships packages worldwide every day. we take 5-7 days for international shipping and 1-3 days for national shipping
Track & Trace
You will receive always a track & trace (if you order Performance parts – Tuning Tools)
Ecu Tuning files will be send by EMAIL or in your ACCOUNT > DOWNLOADS
I want to change my Shipping address, but i made already the order!
Don’t worry, if the order is still at the company we can change the shipping adres for you.
(we will ask for confirming questions)

Tuning Dealer / Partner Questions

How to become a Maicson tuning Dealer / Partner?
Go to the MENU and register as a Maicson Tuning Dealer or Partner.
I already have a tuning tool, can I become a Tuning Dealer or Partner?
Yes that is possible. let us know what equipment you have and we will do our best to help you as best we can.
Can I become a Franchise company of Maicson Ecu Tuning?
Yes, it is possible to become a French company. Contact us and we’ll give you all the information you need.
Is it possible to take a course through Maicson Ecu Tuning?
Yes that is possible. Maicson Ecu Tuning offers DEALERS the MTC (Maicson Tuning Course) the course lasts 14 days. Ask for the conditions
Can I become an exclusive Tuning dealer in my country?
Yes it is possible to become an exclusive dealer of your country. ask for the conditions

Other Questions

Can i read Fault codes / DTC with the tuning tools?
NO, you can’t read Fault codes or any DTC with the Tuning Tools. You will need a Diagnose tool to read and check the Fault code or DTC.
Does Maicson Ecu Tuning Sells Diagnostic Tools???
Yes we do.. we will update our webpage any time. Jusk check the webshop, or contact us for any question about Diagnostic Tools
Are the Ecu Tuning Files Tested?
Yes, all our Tuning Ecu Files / Chiptuning is tested for at least 10.000km.
Means also for countries with a different atmospheric pressure
Webpage does not working well on my Phone or Tablet !
Try to put it on your phone or Tablet on DESKTOP Version.