Benelli TRK 502 Performance Upgrade Stage 1

Benelli TRK 502 Performance Upgrade Stage 1


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The Ecu Software modification gives the Benelli TRK 502  More Horse power and More Torque on Lower and Higher RPM

the 500cc engine will have more Engine Torque in Lower Rpm and More Power and Torque in Higher RPM that is raised to 9500rpm redline

  • More Power   (HP)
  • More Torque (Nm)
  • Higher RPM
  • Higher Topspeed



Engine : 500cc  47,6hp / 46Nm  @ 8500rpm

Maicson Ecu Tuned

Engine : 500cc  56hp / 58Nm  @ 9500rpm  RedLine


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Note: for online order you have to ship the engine ECU for upgrading. After order you will recieve automatic the shipping Details!


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