High Quality Adblue – DPF Module for Euro 6 for Trucks

High Quality Adblue – DPF Module for Euro 6 for Trucks


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EURO6 AdBlue – DPF Module Disable System:

– AdBlue system (Fully)

– AdBlue N O X sensor

– DPF system

– DPF temperature sensors

– DPF regeneration

After installing Euro6 Module, you can remove:

– DPF sensors – YES

– N O x sensor – YES (only in D-A-F don’t remove first N O x sensor !!!)

– Adblue temp. sensor (s) – YES

– Adblue pump – YES

– Adblue level sensor – YES

– Adblue ECU – YES

Kindly note: It is possible to disable AdBlue system by installing an Module (programmable device) into the vehicle. You can switch it on/off anytime.

EURO6 AdBlue Emulators using guide:

Emulator Man Euro 6 does not need to be learned. You install emulator under the metal cover of AdBlue Pump on the right side behind the cab, and disconnect plug from AdBlue Pump and connect emulator.

Next, you need to remove the fuses:

F894(Multisensor In AdBlue tank)

F738 (+30 Signal of AdBlue pump)

F1084 (N O x sensor Upstream)

Fuse F737 is now fuse of emulator.

Fuse F1109 is the fuse of N O x sensor Downstream and A1191 mufler temperature sensor. This sensor needs to work correctly for DPF regeneration.

Finally you need to remove Power from N O X downstream sensor. There are two ways options, one is to cut pin 1 in N O X sensor plug, the other way (better) is to remove pin 10 in X3212 plug. This plug is visible on rear of engine on the right side. This is TE plug (16 pin) with yellow key.


Package Includes:

1pc x For Man EURO6 AdBlue – DPF Module


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