Performance Ecu Software Upgrade Stage 3 32-35hp

Performance Ecu Software Upgrade Stage 3 32-35hp




We recommend all of Hardware upgrades. A sports exhaust is a must!

Larger cylinder with more displacement – 274 ccm up to 286 ccm  or More.

+ Racing Cylinder head / Malossi / Polini etc

+ Racing camshaft / Malossi etc ​

+ Bigger Air Intake

+ Race Vario kit

Rear wheel performance according to our DYNO*

Approximately 35 hp engine power

Approx. 30.5 hp rear wheel power*

Approx. 50/60 Nm – 44.254 ft-lb

Top speed on the Dyno Rear Wheel  =  173  km/h*

Top speed on the Road  = “real” 155+/- km/h*

​ Additive:

This performance can ONLY be achieved with an exhaust from the brand: Malossi, Polini or Arrow.

With Remus and Akrapovic it is approx. 1-2 HP LESS (rear wheel power measured on the test DYNO)

Engine Performance can go to a max of 36/37 hp Max  Recommend setup.


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