The Spark Plug Revolution is here, introducing the patented laser technology Brisk Premium Evo Spark Plugs.

Brisk Premium Evo design spark plugs are intended for use with applications varying from stock OEM to performance street vehicles.

This plug design offers great performance benefits including more horsepower, faster acceleration, a more responsive throttle and provides more fuel efficiency!


Our Brisk Premium Evo Design spark plugs features a Unique Patented Laser Technology auxiliary electrode at the tip

of the insulator formed using the patented technology of laser deposition. This auxiliary electrode is similar to what is used in our Premium Multi-Spark design.

With the new laser deposit technology this auxiliary electrode provides a longer lifespan, while still offering a multiple spark discharge.

Brisk Premium Evo design spark plugs also features a series of tapered ground electrodes surrounding the ceramic in 360 degrees.

Implementing multiple ground electrodes greatly extends the lifespan of the plug as well as it offers a point of contact where the cylinder pressures are

the lowest (path of least resistance).


The result is an unrestricted, open spark fire design that has the capabilities to fire multiple sparks per ignition impulse

without the need for a multiple discharge ignition system. With the combination of a laser deposited auxiliary electrode in the ceramic coupled

with a series of tapered ground electrodes surrounding the ceramic in 360 degrees, we have produced the worlds first “smart spark plug”.

Having a series of two gaps on the firing end allows this plug to function in two different manners depending on the environment

in the combustion chamber at the given point in time. This plug has the abilities to fire a series of 2 sparks per ignition impulse or emit a very large single spark.


Brisk’ Premium Evo Design unique firing end configuration better utilizes the fuel energy, this increases fuel efficiency and helps eliminate combustion imperfections

with new and old engines. The patented coating technology of the auxiliary electrode at the tip of the insulator ensures the unique properties of the spark plug.

Implementing these features, we are able to reduce the variation between every power stroke of the engine.

Reducing this variation results in higher and more consistent engine output.

Reduced demand on voltage supplied by the ignition system makes this plug a great fit for a wide variety of applications.

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