ECO TUNING…. Saving Fuel = Money!

Economic Ecu Tuning

In 2008 the vision was measured by means of chip tuning rather Economic ECU Tuning to save fuel .

2010 launched Maicson Ecu Tuning  the project “save fuel” for trucks, vans, cars and other  vehicles.

The goal was clear: “Improving the efficiency to reduce consumption (lower consumption per 100 km).

ECO Tuning for Trucks, Vans, vehicle fleets, and more

The ECO Tuning (often called Economic Tuning) was developed over 2 years.

Maicson Ecu Tuning has used it for the last few years to offer the product portfolio to all manufacturers of the branches

(agriculture, construction, forestry, forwarding, Transport and disposal).

The ECO Tuning (economic ) invented & developed by Maicson Ecu Tuning is now available worldwide.

This makes Maicson Ecu Tuning a global player and world market leader.

The ECO Tuning helps companies all over the world to save money. Fuel savings of up to -20% per 100 km can be achieved.

These companies have critical and professional “save fuel” for extended periods tested thoroughly by ECO tuning.

The results were all positive and led to a high acceptance as maintenance costs, operating costs, wear decreased in parallel with the lower consumption.

Succes, safety and sustainability guaranteed

Coupled with an exceptional safety package, which not only guarantees fuel savings, but also includes the manufacturer’s warranty,

you can save without financial risk!

The conversion to ECO Tuning (economic tuning) and the comprehensive warranty, sets milestones worldwide.

The Allianz vehicle guarantee covers all components of the engine, the drive train and the ancillary units.

The engine and vehicle warranty are in no way inferior to the manufacturer’s warranty.

It can be individually adapted to the requirements of each customer.

Problems with the vehicle or problems with the engine are completely covered, so that maximum protection is created.


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